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Bastion (52″) September 2018 and not yet 5 years old

Son of William Porter (51″). 

We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality, free-roaming and disease-free buffalo.

Barry Streicher, a well-known and respected businessman in Limpopo, participated in the game industry since the early 1980’s.

During the year 2000, the breeding of disease-free buffalo commenced on the farms Ammondale, William Porter and Du Pratt, located in the Alldays area of Limpopo, under the brand name “Buffalo at Ammondale”.

Our buffalo bloodline is exclusively from the Kruger National Park.

In 2013 the complete farming activities of “Buffalo at Ammondale” was relocated to the farm Groenfontein in the Baltimore area of Limpopo. Groenfontein is located in a moderate rainfall area with extensive grasslands which can be classified as sweetgrass.

During July 2015 Barry Streicher passed away. The stud breeding activities of Streicher Buffalo are now continued by Eugene and Belinda le Roux, under the supervision of Magda Streicher. Eugene and Belinda, owns and manages Eubele Chartered Accountants (SA) and Eubele Property Managers in Polokwane. Eugene is a qualified Registered Auditor (RA), Chartered Accountant (SA), with Honours degrees in both Financial Management (RAU) and Accounting (UNISA). Belinda holds a Masters degree in Economics (RAU). They have been involved with the farming operations since the inception of the stud buffalo breeding activities. They believe they were taught by the best.

Our stud buffalo breeding herd is free roaming. The capture of the buffalo is by passive means. For this reason, we believe, we subject our buffalo to less stress which in turn leads to higher quality buffalo and better customer satisfaction. Please take the time to associate yourself with pictures of our comprehensive buffalo kraal and working facilities, which we believe is one of the best in South Africa.

The exciting future of buffalo breeding

Our main stud bulls are Bastion (52”) and Barry (47 1/8”). 
We pride ourselves in delivering top quality genetics as proven by Bastion, a son of William Porter, which grew more than 8 inches from 2015 to 2016 and almost 7 inches from 2016 to 2017 and now has a spread of 52”. Proven #williamporter genetics at work! View galleries here

Our vision is to produce excellent quality at the right price and to subscribe to the highest ethical standards.

We appreciate all and any feedback from our customers and invite you to tell us what we are doing right or what we can improve on.

Aerial view of the buffalo kraal facilities

Bastion 50

Bastion (2017)

Barry 46 7/8

Barry 47 1/8

William Porter 51

William Porter 51″